Twyn exists because now is the time to revolutionize digital interaction.

Our vision is to create a better world where anyone can amplify their digital selves to foster human connection at scale.

Curated content segments, filmed in advance

Machine learning allows content to be delivered in real time

Two-way interaction via voice recognition makes conversation feel natural

User feedback is applied to allow content updates within days

Our Mission

Empowering millions of face-to-face connections through technology that feels real and unique to everyone.

We're on a mission to empower millions of face-to-face connections through technology that feels real and unique to everyone. We will bring this to life now by scaling Lionel Messi through his digital twin in the Messiverse, so his fans can have real-like, face-to-face virtual chats with their hero.

Imagine conversing with your hero

What could you learn?
What could you ask?

First scalable, fully interactive media platform

Twyn is the first of its kind to tell stories and provide education by merging known and proven technologies used in existing content formats and machine learing.

The technology can be licensed for use in many other sectors.

Proprietary platform, process and content

Twyn creates content that it owns exclusively.

It has created a new content management system, and proprietary processes to optimise content capture, along with language models and training processes to enable the AI.

A marketing strategy that leverages our world-famous talent

The Twyn platform leverages the global reach of our talent.

The existing fan base, coupled with existing social media tools, allows us to reach audiences quickly to scale our user base and build a defensible moat around our brand proposition.

Multidisciplinary management team and partner network

Broad team with deep experience in start-ups across key sectors.

Including entertainment, technology, conversational psychology and machine learning.